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Project 303 by Drayle88 Project 303 by Drayle88
Manga Cover Art for Project 303

Year: 2007

Bio: An afternoon idea that evolved into an obssesion, Project 303 is the ultimate acheivment by writer and mangaka, Warai Tsuehara. The name is a diversion of the Title 'Infinity Project', which was born from the Seventh Sanctum website.

Series Info: On the island of Kaijuurando, war is about to break out. 303 individuals, each granted unique powers, are about to be unleashed in a full on battle royale. The Prize? To have any wish granted. Sounds good, right? Hope you can keep up.

Players (Not all listed)

Kyle Ryuuten
Player #: 081
Power: Bamboo
More easygoing than most of the other players, Kyle is in the game for the fun of it. With the ability to sprout bamboo from anywhere, the ground or himself, he uses this power in many unorthidox ways.

Rosuto Tenshi
Player #: 174
Power: Garbage
Her ability more or less makes her an extremely missunderstood person. While she can control trash with her mind, she is actualy a very kind and clean person... on the inside. She has a very junkyard look about her on the outside, giving her an almost alluring personality.

Sue Touchibi
Player #: 257
Power: Mimic
The picture of inocence and the curiosity of a fairy. While she hangs around with her chef companions and mimics his style, she can actualy mimic any power she sees. This makes her a target, and a very dangerous one.
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February 24, 2010
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