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Let me tell you a story...

So, you want to write something amazing. Maybe a novel, with unique locals and interesting histories.

Or, let's say you’re a game designer, and you have the perfect story to tell. But you need a world for your Hero to save right?

That is where I come in.

I am in the business of world building and creative content. I offer a wide range of services in written form. Characters, with biographies tailored to the world they are in, or to be able to fit into any world. Locations, with lore from the founding of the area to myths and urban legends.

Artifacts, weapons, businesses, organizations, religions, histories, galaxies and more, anything and everything is at your fingertips. And it's all dependent on how much you want, and how detailed you want it.

My service is 2$ a page, at a 5 page minimum. Or, for Novella or Report style writing service, 1 cent per word with a 1000 word minimum.

All pages are written in 12 point Courier New type, double spaced and spell checked. Modified and adaptation writing is included in all bundles, including post work editing, in order to clear up any contradictions, or if you want changes made again to your liking.

I also provide GhostWriting Services. At 1 cent per word with a 1000 word minimum, I include full editing, formatting, and review to your specifications. And of course, we also do custom orders.

Payment is done through PayPal, with an invoice sent to you prior to completion of work. Once payment is in place, the information is 100% yours and free to do whatever you wish with it.

If you ever need a world to take over and subsequently save, think Scroll Voyagers!

Drop me a note, or try my email at

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“Accio!” Harry yelled, pointing his want at the TriWizard Cup.

It flew into the year and sort towards him. Harry caught it by the handle-

Just as a flash of green magic struck him between the shoulder blades. As the world around him began to twist and take his body to another place, his soul convulsed as it was being taken to another destination.



Not alone, oddly enough. Harry stood on what looked like Kings Cross, and in front of him was Death. He couldn’t see past the hood of the cloak, but he could tell by the tone of his voice that Death was very… Annoyed.

“You shouldn’t be here.” The voice sounded like the whisper of wind through the limbs of the trees.
Harry was scared. Facing the basilisk, facing the dragons, even facing Voldemort himself on that long ago, all felt like nothing compared to standing before this entity. And in the reality hit them, he had died.

“I’m dead.” Harry said, feeling a strange coldness creep into his chest.

“Well, not really.” Harry’s head jerked up, looking at Death.

“What do you mean, not really!?” His voice was borderline frantic, forgetting for a moment that he was talking to Death himself. The Reaper, however, was not fazed by this little outburst.

“You, Harry Potter, are not really dead. You’re dead enough to end up here in limbo, but not enough for me to claim you.”

Harry blinked, thinking. Did this make in a ghost? Would he be able to go back and warn the others?

“Whatever you’re thinking, stop it.” Death said, crossing his robed arms in front of him. “Nothing you could do would mean much anyway.”

Harry started, looking at Death again. What did he mean?

“Your death was of little consequence, in the long run. Anything you would try to do, try to fix or make better, would’ve worked itself out anyways.”

The young boy was speechless. All of this, coming from the master of death and the afterlife was kind of hard to take.

“What do you mean, it would’ve worked itself out?” He asked, his voice shaking. The tall robed figure turned and began to walk down the platform. Harry followed.

“Before your untimely end, you were to warn the others that Tom Riddle had returned, join Albus Dumbledore’s secret society, lead the resistance against the Wizarding Ministry, and ultimately send Tom Riddle to meet me for one last time.”

Harry couldn’t keep a small smile off of his face. They would win.

“But now that you’re dead, somebody else gets to have all those adventures. Ultimately, you just become another casualty of a war that has even begun.”

Harry stopped. It was so sudden that even death ceased his walking, to turn and look at the boy. Harry swallowed, his mouth dry.

“Do you mean to say,” Harry’s voice was shaking. In anger, fear, or despair no one can really tell. “That I make no impact in what happens?”

The robed figure shrugged. “In the long run, not really. You were The Boy Who Lived, and now you are just another boy who died. Everything will move on, and you will move on as well.”

Even though everything looks the same, and Kings Cross seem to go on forever, ahead the air seemed to warp. Harry could feel a tugging in his chest, pulling him towards the air. But then it stopped.

“At least, that was my intention.” Death’s voice seemed… Agitated. “Something… Is keeping you alive. Not very much alive, but alive enough that I cannot take you on the other side.”

Harry looked at the figure again. “So what happens?”

“I’ll send you back. A living person in limbo for too long will cause… Complications.”

Harry should’ve felt happy. He should’ve felt elated, he should’ve felt something. But all he felt was indifference.

“Well…” Death clapped his bony white hands together. “This is been an interesting little chat. Have fun being immortal.”

And with a wave of the hand, Harry felt himself falling.
Prophecy Be Damned - Chapter 01

Hey ho everyone. Welcome to my little story. Hope you guys enjoy. This little idea came from a conversation me and my girlfriend was having, on "What would happen if?" And it got me thinking... With the way Dumbledore is, Harry dying wouldn't stop the flow of actions. Someone else would probably take up the mantle and fight the good fight.

Well... let's see how that turns out. See you in the next chapter!


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