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So, you want to write something amazing, huh?

Maybe a novel, with unique locals and interesting histories.

Or, let's say you’re a game designer, and you have the perfect story to tell. But you need a world for your Hero to save right?

That is where I come in.

I am the founder of Scroll Voyagers, and I am in the business of world building. I offer a wide range of services in written form. Characters, with biographies tailored to the world they are in, or to be able to fit into any world. Locations, with lore from the founding of the area to myths and urban legends.

Artifacts, weapons, businesses, organizations, religions, histories, galaxies and more, anything and everything is at your fingertips. And it's all dependent on how much you want, and how detailed you want it.

My packages start at 5$ for the Bronze Package. This can include any combination of up to 5 pages on a subject, to 5 separate subjects, with one page a piece. All pages are written in 12 point Courier New type, double spaced and spell checked.

The 10$ Silver Package is after the bare bones information has been provided, I go back and make any tweaks and changes that you require to make the information fit your needs.

The 15$ Gold Package is the final stage, where after I have modified the information to your needs, I will do post work, in order to clear up any contradictions, or if you want changes made again to your liking.

And of course, we also do custom orders. Once payment is in place, the information is 100% yours and free to do whatever you wish with it.

If you ever need a world to take over and subsequently save, think Scroll Voyagers!

(All of this was done in the voice of Marcus from Borderlands for comedic effect)

Nithilys, Nithilye (Plural)

Spirits found within the Desert. Known to some as Sand Nymphs, Nithilye are curious, and playful creatures.

Sightings can take place in various locations, usually in the deepest parts of deserts, far away from civilization. Typically thought to be the mirage of an oasis under the desert sun.
Descriptions of the Nithilye range from young girl to young woman, with ivory white skin and long fire red hair, obscuring their private parts.

Interaction with Nithilye is to be done with utmost caution. While they are friendly in nature, they are prone to violent outbursts, which result in bursting into sand piles and duststorms. A friendly Nithilys is said to be able to guide travellers to actual hidden oases. They can also aid the wounded with their white sand. An angry Nithilys is known to trick people with mirages, leading them deeper into the desert with no trackable way out.

Nithilye are Veridian spirits, meaning they fall into the realm of natural spirits, such as Nyads, Dryads, and Undynes. This being said it is possible to invoke, summon, and seal Nithilye, however getting one alone is quite difficult.

Nithilye can be drawn by colored glass under the sun, cinnamon incense, and lemon water. They can be repelled by iron dust, locust and bees, and the ringing of brass. Nithilye appear to understand human speech, but have no apparent language of their own, speaking in gestures and squeaks.
Nithilys - Commission
Another Commission, this one for :iconjinxsoft:

1 of 20 pages commissioned, I had a lot of fun on this project. 

For more details, head over to their facebook…

And check out the Game Page here…

Details for commissions are in this Journal <da:thumb id="483234456">
Hello and greetings fellow Lockers. I am planning on starting a new kind of Challenge on my YouTube Channel, and seeing as I'm a Doctor Who fan, I thought i'd do something to that effect.

Here is what I have so far. 


My Starter is the 1st Doctor. From this point, if this pokemon dies, he Regenerates

Regeneration Rules
- I have 13 randomly generated, unhatched eggs in the PC. Any time the Doctor Dies, I pick up the next egg in line. I then use rare candies to level him up to the point that the last Doctor was.

I name each of the Doctors after the actors. 1st being Hartnell, 11th being Smith and so on. 

Each Doctor gets up to 5 Companions. These Companions are found by the first encounter rules. 
ADDITIONAL RULE - If the Doctor Dies, he loses ALL companions connected to him. 

Once I lose the last egg, and it dies, Game Over

Gym Badges Equal Time Vortex
- If I have a Gym Badge, I can go back in time, and pick up another companion. I.E. I can pick a route I have already been in, and catch another pokemon. This is useful if I JUST lost a Doctor, and need to pick up some more Companions. 

Revives CAN be used, but ONLY if the Doctor is in battle, and uses on a fallen Companion. Revives CANNOT be used on the Doctor. 

Breeding can be done, but only once per Doctor, and never WITH the Doctor. 


Thoughts? Ideas? To much? Not enough? Hope to hear some more info


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