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Reboot by Drayle88
A CreepyPasta OC of mine. I'm working on the backstory right now... more to come later.

EDIT: Read below...

Think for a moment, that electricity giving power is equal to life in a living being. From the moment the switch is flipped, that thing is alive. The lightbulb, the microwave, the computer. The electricity running through the wires and circuits breathe life into the machine, and give them the ability to function, however small the function may be.

But what of what happens when you flip the switch off? When you cut off the electricity, the life force of the machine? The lightbulb goes dark, dead before its time, not to be alive again until someone else gives it power. The microwave, a horrifying existence, only given power to have to count down to when it dies again. The computer, something so close to intelligence that man is scared to let it get that far, given so much freedom and ability, access to the greatest information archive in the world… and it can be snuffed out by pulling a single cord.

Think for a moment, that every time you turn something off, it dies. Think of how many times in a single day a machine or fixture is given life and killed in a single day. Now think how many deaths of that nature is happening in a single town in a single day. Now think of how many electrical entities have been killed over and over again since the first lightbulb.

Death is death, even if you don’t see it. And that much constant maelstrom of death can’t just happen and there not be consequences

There exists, in the space between physical and digital, the product of centuries worth of death. The angel of death to the binary world. When your light flickers for no reason in the darkness, that’s him breathing. When you turn on the microwave, and your food gets burnt, or not hot enough, that’s him laughing at you. When you wait for your computer to boot up, and it has to ‘check’ for errors… that is him watching you, breathing life into another child of the spark, knowing it will be a matter of time before it too is murdered before its time. And he knows he will get stronger from this act.

He has no form, he has no face. He is only what your mind thinks you see, what your brain’s electrical impulses trick your eyes into seeing. He has no face, no features, save for one. The symbol of power, to us a common a thing, but to the living machines, the representation of life and death. This symbol is carved into his forehead, and it pulses with the silent cries of his deceased people.

He is the life, the death, and the rebirth. He is Reboot.  

Entei Explorer by Drayle88
Entei Explorer
So yeah, i was bored. Would like to make more, but need ideas for puns.            
CHAPTER 1: The First Link

You know that feeling you get when you’re almost asleep, and you feel like you’re about to fall? Sometimes you see a cliff or the edge of the skyscraper, or sometimes you just know you’re about to fall. Try amplifying that times 100.

I felt myself wake up with a violent jerk. I found myself setting up in the middle of a dirt path, tall grass all around me. I was panting hard, like I’d just woken from a terrible nightmare. I could feel my heart trying to beat out of my chest, even as I managed to calm my breathing.

I looked at my hands, they looked smaller.

Shakily, I stood up and tried to figure out where I was. I was fairly familiar with the surrounding area around my home, dirt paths like this with tall grass around them didn’t exist.

I heard a screech from behind me. I turned to look and saw a group of birds that looked oddly familiar swooping down in attacking a purple… Thing.

I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my left wrist, and my arm jerked up. There on my wrist, was a chain mail bracelet. An intricate weave of rings made of some black metal was wrapped around my wrist. The rings seem to be seamless, and all had the texture of cold steel. All but one. One ring was white, and it felt warm.

It was in that moment that I remembered what had happened. This was my first jump, my first adventure. I remember the rules, and everything that had been explained to me. I also remembered I was supposed to be helping that purple thing.

I ran forwards, waving my arms and shouting at the group of Spearows. The small birds quickly fled, leaving what they were attacking alone. I knelt down, smiling at my first Pokémon.

“Hello, Mimic.”

“Ditto.” He squeaked back.

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